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    The 21 Tests

    The Calling Test
    An effective leader will discover his calling and trust God to manifest it.

    The Humility Test
    Effective leaders give credit to others.

    The Teamwork Test
    An effective leader finds a way for his team to win.

    The Releasing Test
    An effective leader knows how to empower others.

    The Priorities Test
    An effective leader determines what his priorities are in life.

    The Transition Test
    An effective leader understands and leads the process of change.

    The Criticism Test
    An effective leader accepts criticism and grows in the process.

    The Dependency Test
    An effective leader depends on help from God.

    The Conflict Test
    An effective leader embraces healthy confrontation.

    The Vision Test
    Effective leaders inspire and articulate a vision and bring others with them.

    The Love Test
    An effective leader makes decisions motivated by love.

    The Integrity Test
    Effective leaders are the same in public as in private.

    The Security Test
    Effective leaders find security in who they are, not in what they do.

    The Grace Test
    Effective leaders know success depends on the grace of God.

    The Expectations Test
    Effective leaders avoid unmet expectations.

    The Finance Test
    Effective leaders take fiscal responsibility for their mission.

    The Comparison Test.
    Effective leaders only compare up.

    The Perseverance Test
    Effective leaders refuse to quit!

    The Success Test
    Effective leaders never forget where they came from.

    The Timing Test
    Effective leaders understand times and seasons.

    The Kingdom Test
    An effective leader focuses on the eternal Kingdom.

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