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    Jack W. Hayford“Larry Kreider is a true servant to the Church—a leader whose dimension of effectiveness in advancing the Kingdom and shaping leaders evidences a level of gifting and humility that is so apostolic that it doesn’t need that title to certify it. I trust this man because his heart is pure and his mind is clear.”

    Jack W. Hayford, President, International Foursquare Churches; Chancellor, The King’s College and Seminary; Founding Pastor, The Church On The Way, California

    “Larry has a keen understanding of the Holy Spirit is doing in the world today.  Rather than getting stuck in American religious backwater, he has visited nations all over the world in order to understand the big picture. He also spent lots of time with hundreds of humble ministry leaders from the developing world.

    J. Lee Grady, Editor, Charisma Magazine

    “Larry Kreider is a leader of leaders, and one who has my utmost respect, trust, and friendship. I encourage every believer who desires to reach his or her maximum leadership potential to invest in this book, and glean from the seasoned insight of one the Body’s true Apostolic leaders.”

    Robert Stearns, Eagles’ Wings Ministries, New York

    “In all arenas of life, we see a trend of failing leadership. This book by Larry Kreider is timely and an excellent tool to help correct this trend. These 21 tests must be passed if one is to be an effective leader, especially in God’s Kingdom. Larry writes from life experience, and his journey will inspire you to press on through challenges and see them as tests, knowing that they will equip you to become a leader who truly represents the King. Thanks, Larry, for sharing your life; you live what you have written.”

    Tony Fitzgerald, Apostolic Leader of Church of the Nations

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