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    About the Book

    In 21 Tests of Effective Leadership, author and leadership coach Larry Kreider, pens a valuable and inspiring work of compiled leadership ‘tests’ that he faced the past 40 plus years in both the business world and in the Church world. Filled with practical antidotes and moving stories of people who’ve encountered, persisted, and passed the same tests, Kreider offers solid advice for handling difficult situations that arise in leadership.

    21 Tests of Effective Leadership is a timely tool to correct the trend of failing leadership. In the wake of Enron, WorldCom, and other corporations who damaged others’ liveli­hoods and well-being by their lack of integrity and greed, Kreider states, “There is a great need for leaders today who have been willing to be examined by the tests of life so they will endure during difficult times…We don’t need more positions filled. We need leaders in all walks of life who will lead in humility and strength. This type of leader can only be developed by embracing, enduring, and passing the tests they will face.”

    Kreider’s life has been a series of tests. He invites readers to join him on his journey as he opens his life and shares the 21 tests that he has personally faced. Tests include humility, teamwork, priorities, criticism, conflict, integrity, finances, comparison, perseverance, success and timing. At the end of each chapter, Kreider offers the reader a place for personal growth and reflection with a series of questions for contemplation and discussion. Leaders will be encouraged and challenged to pass the test.

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