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    Author Interview Questions

    1. Why did you write 21 Tests of Effective Leadership?
    2. You mention that every person will face a test and that 21 Tests of Effective Leadership is compiled from different tests you have faced over the course of 40+ years. What is your strategy for facing ‘tests’ and passing them effectively? What made you not quit?
    3. Why is there is a great need for leaders today who have been willing to be examined by the tests of life? Why are passing these tests vital to our personal development?
    4. How can a person know what they are called to do and if they are called to be a leader?
    5. In a society that encourages competition and indi­viduality, how can a leader be humble?
    6. If a leader spots potential in another person, how can they release them to help them succeed in their purpose and calling in life?
    7. As leaders, there are many aspects of life that can get out of balance. How does a leader prioritize and make time for those things that are most important in life?  How do your priorities reveal what you value in life?
    8. Why are false accusations the worst kind of criti­cism, and what should a leader’s response be?
    9. How can a leader handle conflict in a healthy and effective manner?
    10. Why is integrity important in leadership?  What are some barriers to integrity?
    11. Why is it important for a leader to be secure in who they are and not what they do? What are some characteristics of an insecure leader? What can a leader do if they’re insecure to help them become secure?
    12. Give us an example of “unmet expectations” and how a leader can avoid these?
    13. Why is it important for a leader to take responsibility for their finances? How can a leader develop multiple streams of income?
    14. What should a leader do if they feel like quitting and giving up?
    15. What should a leader do if they failed a test? How can they continue?

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